How to make perfect homemade pancakes that are fluffy and delicious

Making homemade pancakes might not seem like a difficult breakfast idea. It’s not easy to make perfect pancakes from scratch, especially if you try new recipes or techniques. Things can go wrong if your pan is too hot or not hot enough, or your batter is too thick or thin. You will notice this when you are half awake and hungry.

It is easy to make your pancakes. You can whip up your delicious stack in less time than it takes to mix a box. Even if you make basic pancakes, chefs who can make great pancakes every time know that repetition is key to making them consistently good. If you don’t have time to master the art, you can use the tips and tricks they’ve shared over the years to make your own.

Although you don’t need fancy tools to make fluffy pancakes, some products can help ease your burden and give you great results. You’ve seen cloud pancakes everywhere on social media. However, you will need a cake ring or a spoon to make them. The flip side (pun intended) is that classic buttermilk pancakes only require a large skillet that evenly distributes heat. You probably already have one of these and all the ingredients you need to make quick pancakes.

Experts share their top tips for making the best pancakes. From the common mistakes to avoid to the expectations at every step of the process, here’s what you should know. Here’s a simple recipe to help you make your perfect pancake stack.

Flipping is an important step in any pancake recipe. You need to ensure that you have the right tool to do it. It can be difficult to flip in a small or curved pan. This is why Neil Kleinberg (chef and owner of the beloved NYC pancake spot Clinton St. Baking Co.) recommends a flat, nonstick griddle instead.

You don’t need a skillet if you don’t want to buy one. You can use any pan or large skillet with enough surface area to flip your pancakes. You can use a nonstick surface to ensure smooth flipping, but you will still need to grease your pan.

Butter or plant-based butter options are the best oils for pancakes. Jenny McCoy, a Chicago pastry chef at Buck Russell Bakery & Sandwich Shop, told SELF that she prefers butter because it gives my pancakes a richer flavor and browns more quickly. She explains that she melts a small amount of butter in a small bowl, then brushes it on her pan using a pastry brush to control the amount.

Kleinberg states that the best pancake recipes use 1 cup of wet and 1 cup of dry ingredients. You can choose what you want for them.

Kleinberg states that wet ingredients include eggs and milk products such as cream, milk, butter, or yogurt. There are also non-dairy options, including almonds, oat, and soy. Dry ingredients are flour, salt and baking powder. You can also add any spices. To ensure that your pancakes rise properly, use 2 teaspoons of baking powder per cup of flour. Pro tip: Prepare the pancake mix using the recipe below and keep it in an airtight container until it is ready to use. You can use the mixture for many months because it doesn’t perish quickly.

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