Here are some safe ways to safely thaw chicken

The all-too-common problem of how to thaw chicken is often faced when dinner time rolls around. Because not everyone can plan and get the chicken out of the freezer in time to allow it to defrost before they start cooking, this is a common problem.

Many hacks claim to thaw chicken quickly, but some are just too good to be true. This can lead to strange textures and artificial flavors, as well as foodborne diseases.

What should you not do when thawing chicken?

Before we go into safe thawing options, let’s first discuss the most common mistakes. Never leave your chicken breast at room temperature on the counter or in hot water.

How do you thaw chicken the easiest way?

Experts in safety and cooking agree that letting your chicken defrost naturally for 24 hours or more is the best and safest method of thawing. This is easy to do, doesn’t require much effort and can be done quickly so you can get on with other things.

Abbey Sharp is a blogger and author of Mindful Glow Cookbook. She tells SELF she prefers this method because “it requires the least fussing and attention, and maintains the texture and integrity of the chicken meat without it getting waterlogged.”

How do you quickly thaw frozen poultry?

It’s not easy to quickly thaw chicken. It’s not always possible to plan a day. You can treat your poultry like an Olympic athlete if you are in a pinch. Sharp warns that cold water requires “a lot” of babysitting, so she says she uses it sparingly.

The USDA gives you some suggestions. This will prevent bacteria from the air and water surrounding the meat. This also means that you should not wash chicken. Submerge the chicken in cold water.

Is it possible to defrost chicken in a microwave?

When trying to defrost chicken quickly, people often turn to the microwave. The microwave method is not as fast and reliable as the oven, which can be dangerous if done incorrectly.

There is a risk of bacteria growth if the microwave-defrosted chicken is not cooked immediately. Sharp states that you must cook the chicken immediately after it has been thawed in a microwave.

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