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We love meal delivery companies of all kinds, but the summer heat has forced us to focus on the best smoothie delivery service providers. Many brands offer monthly subscriptions, but there are also one-off boxes with various smoothie flavors. Many delivery options are available to get your favorite smoothie quickly and easily.

What are the benefits of ordering smoothies delivered?

A smoothie can be a great option if it’s too warm to make, but you still need something nutritious. You can make your shakes with delivery or subscription services. They deliver all the frozen ingredients, or in some cases pre-made blender packs or cubes, right to your doorstep. You may only need water, milk or a dairy-free substitute. Many brands will give you advice on which blends work best.

We are always happy when we can save time on a snack or light meal. And when that snack or meal is a tasty smoothie, it’s even more amazing. You can now browse the top smoothie delivery services from premium brands such as Splendid Spoon and Revive Superfoods.

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Splendid Spoon

Why it’s worth it: This meal delivery service is our favorite. It offers a variety of meals, including soups and grain bowls. However, it also offers an all-smoothie option for its breakfast plan. Five smoothies are included in the breakfast box, including one with dragon fruit berry and raspberry cacao. You can have it shipped weekly, once per month, or every other week.

Customer review: “I love that these smoothies have many flavors and ingredients while still keeping the right amount of sugar and protein. I have tried other popular smoothie companies, and they left me hungry. These smoothies are already made and taste great, even if I’m starving an hour later.

Superfoods Revive

Why it’s worth it: Revive Superfoods has delicious, chef-prepared smoothie recipes that you can enjoy immediately. The ordering process is flexible: You can order as many as you like, including 9, 14 or 24 items. You can also choose to order a box or all of the items. Your deliveries can be scheduled for four weeks or eight weeks. The brand will donate a portion to any nonprofit organization you choose. The brand also offers desserts, oatmeal bowls, and snack options.

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