These juicy, fall-off-the-bone beef ribs baked in the Oven are covered with a delicious and sticky BBQ sauce. Slow-cook them in the Oven until they turn into a sticky mess. They are a must-try!

Air Fryer BBQ chicken is an excellent choice if you love meat with BBQ sauce. You can also try Country-Style Pork Ribs using the Oven.

What’s the best thing about this recipe?

First, delicious meat and unique texture: Delicious, tender, and melty.

A few ingredients: The beef short ribs are all that’s needed. We won’t count one tablespoon of oil or water, but the spices are delicious.

A foolproof, hands-free beef rib recipe. Rub the meat and then assemble the dish. The Oven will do the rest. While the ribs will be in the Oven for a while, you can do nothing except remove the foil and flip them once they are done.

About 4 lb/ 1.8-2 kg of meaty bones. Choosing the meatiest bones you can find would be best, as they may shrink slightly when cooked.

When it comes to slow cooking, short ribs are my favorite cut. Slow cooking makes the meat more tender and juicy by reducing its connective tissue.

These bones are often sold in pieces, each cut into smaller pieces depending on their thickness.

You don’t have to get them all in one place (rack); separating the pieces is easy. Use a sharp, sturdy knife to cut through the bones.

Brown sugar, sweet and smoked paprika powders, garlic powders, onion powders, cayenne peppers, acceptable sea salt, Kosher salts, and ground black pepper.

This rub is excellent. I make two batches and save the rest in the jar for next time. This rub works well with beef, but I also use it for chicken thighs.

You can rest assured, however, that you can use another dry rub. Make sure you use the right mix.

A little water and your favorite barbecue sauce brand. Although homemade barbecue sauce is always possible, it’s not something I recommend.

How to bake beef ribs

Step 1 – Season: Combine the spices in a small bowl. Rub the ribs with vegetable or olive oil and then season them with the rub (1).

Step 2: Cover with foil. In a medium roasting pan, combine the BBQ sauce (2) and water (2). Make sure there is enough space between the beef ribs (3). Place the ribs on top of the sauce and turn them once more. The dish should be covered with aluminum foil. Bake the plate for 3 1/2 hours or (4).

Step 3: Bake covered. Take off the foil. Turn the bbq beef tenders over (they will likely fall off the bone, so be gentle). Finally, drizzle some sauce on top of the oven-baked beef tenders. Bake the ribs for 30 more minutes, turning them once the sauce melts and becomes sticky (5).

expert tips

A ribs rack would have silver skin on its back. Removing it yourself or having the butcher do it for you is best. Unlike connective tissues, silver skin will not be broken down during cooking. Instead, it will become hard and chewy, reducing the enjoyment of these baked beef ribs.

Pre-cut ribs do not have silver skin. I know this because I have never seen it.

I remove any excess fat from the oven-baked pork ribs. I wouldn’t say I like it. You might find some pieces more fat than others.

Other cooking options

Stovetop Cook the beef ribs with the sauce over low heat. Cover tightly and cook for 2 to 2 1/2 hours or until the meat is tender. Mix the sauce gently 3-4 times between turns, then turn the ribs halfway. For tender beef ribs, I use a large Dutch oven.

Slow cookers cook at high for 5 hours, low for 8 hours, or until tender. To caramelize the surface, bake for 30 minutes at 300°F/150°C. Broil for a few seconds.

How to serve?

Mashed potatoes and creamy polenta are my top choices. I am trying to decide what I like best. You can also serve baked beef ribs with pasta, boiled potatoes, or spaetzle. You can help them with Cast Iron Cornbread, Garlic Parmesan Mashed Potatoes, or Creamed Celeriac.

You can also serve grilled, baked, or boiled corn with pickled vegetables for the baked beef short ribs with BBQ sauce, a hearty German Cabbage Salad/Coleslaw, White Cabbage Salad, Roasted Whole Carrots, Roasted Whole Cauliflower, or French-Style Beans are great options.

How to cook beef ribs in the Oven

To enjoy delicious, tender, and melt-in-your-mouth baked beef ribs, learn how to cook them in the Oven.

Print Pin Share Grow Rate Course: Beef, Pork, and LambCuisine Time: American Prep Time 10 minutesCook Time 4 hours Servings 6 Calories: 549kcal Author: Adina.


Season – Mix the spices in a small bowl. The oil can be used to coat the ribs. Season the beef ribs with the spice mixture and rub it all over.

Make the dish. Combine the BBQ sauce with the water in an oven dish. The ribs should be placed in one layer. They will shrink as they bake. Place the ribs on top of the sauce and turn them several times. You can cover the dish with foil.

Bake covered: Take off the foil. Place the ribs in the sauce. They will be able to fall off the bones, so use caution. Bake the ribs for 30 more minutes or until they are darker and slightly caramelized.

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